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Often life presents us with challenges we try to overcome. Sometimes we are successful and sometimes we need a helping hand; we need someone to listen to us. This interpersonal contact cannot be found at a bookstore in a self-help book, but with a professional and confidential advocate. As a marriage counselor and psychotherapist  with offices in Santa Ana and Laguna Niguel, I have helped individuals, couples and families as well as children of any age to transform their lives, heal from loss, and discover a new and rewarding way to live. People tell me I am easy to talk to.   Therapy is brief or ongoing, wich ever fits the client, and my approach is based on latest research as well as intuitive wisdom...a blend of science and art of personal growth. Treatment is based on your life, your needs, and your goals.  According to research active therapists get the best results. In our sessions you will get the tools and insight to help you create the life and the relationship you want. My ability to listen, and engaging in intelligent  conversations filled with information, honest reflection, collaboration, and even some humor,  you will discover your own capacity to change and tackle life's challanges. I believe satisfaction comes from change.

 If you are ready to take control and enjoy life again, call me to ask questions or set up an appointment. I will get back to you promptly, usually within 24 hours.

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